Abraham Espinosa

CHEK Practitioner L1, CHEK HLC L1

Holistic Lifestyle Coaching

We will be looking into how stress and lifestyle can have significant affect on how the body performs in order to achieve healthy body. Through the understanding of healthy eating habits, an effective personal exercise program and lifestyle management, we can increase vitality and decrease stress.

You will receive a comprehensive questionnaires showing which Physiological Load stage you are in. Your Physiological Load will determine whether to take the "working in" training approach or a working out training approach.  "Working in" is a term coined by Paul Chek, which means cultivating energy by a series of exercise movement, such as tai chi. The higher your physiological load the more the body needs to heal itself, therefore the slower the exercise movement the more energy we create, thus increasing the healing (anabolic) in the body. The lower your physiological load the more we can participate a higher intensity workout.