Abraham Espinosa

CHEK Practitioner L1, CHEK HLC L1

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition

What is Functional Diagnostic Nutrition®

“FDN is an emerging field and body of work that bridges the gap between clinical nutrition and functional medicine and we own the bridge. FDN is a type of detective work that seeks to identify and correct the underlying causes and conditions that lead to the patient’s health complaints, instead of just treating symptoms. A new opt-in model of selfcare that is to be embraced, not avoided like the medical model of sickness care”

Reed Davis (FDN)

These are most common health complaints of people:

  •  Allergies, acne, and rosacea
  •  Blood sugar problems
  •  Depression and anxiety, emotional fragility
  •  Headaches and fogginess
  •  Indigestion and bloating
  •  Inflammation, pain, asthma, allergies
  •  Insomnia and wakefulness
  •  Low sex drive, PMS
  •  Hypertension, cholesterol problems
  •  Fatigue and lethargy
  •  Weight gain and weight loss
  •  Other Chronic Stress Related Disorders

We do not treat the symptoms but we focus on investigating the causing factors

  • Adrenal related dysfunction
  •  Circadian rhythm problems
  •  Poor nutrient breakdown and absorption
  •  Pro-oxidant and anti-oxidant imbalances
  •  Dysbiosis and gut malfunction
  •  Hormone dynamics
  •  Inflammatory state
  •  Immunodeficiency
  •  Sluggish liver, detoxification problems
  •  Bacterial and yeast overgrowth
  •  Antigenic overload and pathogenic conditions
  •  And acting upon those healing opportunities instead of treating the symptoms

We use functional lab testing to identify malfunctions at the subclinical level within the…

  •  Hormone / Immune
  •  Digestion / Detoxification
  •  Intestinal Barrier Systems

 We find malfunctions overlooked by the medical model. Then we recommend lab-guided, health-building strategies which includes drug-free all-natural protocols.